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Norfolk Punch Women's Elixir 750ml

Norfolk Punch Women's Elixir 750ml

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Norfolk Punch Women's Elixir contains over 20 herbs, berries and spices and was first developed back in the 1990's over a two year period with the assistance of the late Dr Karin Cutter, who was considered one of the leading herbal authorities in Australia as a Naturopath and Nutritionist.

Many of the botanicals in the Elixir have great medicinal virtues in their own right and a number of the herbs included contain ingredients which mimic the action of oestrogen, thus making the Women's Elixir a potentially useful aid in treating the adverse symptoms of menopause as well as being an effective cardiovascular and small intestinal tonic.

To quote the late Dr Karin Cutter, 'My personal opinion is that the Elixir's greatest strength lies in its ability to help the body degrade and recycle damaged cells, leaving important hormones free to support tissue regeneration by enhancing the activity of growth factors'.
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