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MAT'S HOT SHOP Cherry Cherry Bang! Bang! Hot Sauce

MAT'S HOT SHOP Cherry Cherry Bang! Bang! Hot Sauce

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Our hottest original sauce available! 50% Carolina reapers to the bottle with a sweet front thanks to wildlife honey and cherry

Snakes alive, it's a wild wild west out there in Spiceland, and the most feared outlaws have just arrived in town, the super hot Cherry Cherry Bang! Bang!. This sauce contains gourmet dark cherries, sweet Australian wildflower honey and the sting of more than 50% Carolina Reaper Pepper for incredible heat. Perfect for anything barbecued or grilled, Cherry Cherry Bang! Bang! is an ace in the hole that any cowboy will be sweet on. Yee Haw!

Heat Level: 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 Super Hot

Ingredients: carolina reaper peppers, black cherries, vinegar, wildflower honey

Size: 148ml (5 oz)

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