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Bon lux

BON LUX Banksia Boxed Votive Candle

BON LUX Banksia Boxed Votive Candle

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BANKSIA boxed votive candle.

BANKSIA, the scent of rain on eucalyptus, myrtle, and tea tree…a walk through the knotty, twisted ancient trees, to the sound of wattle birds. A homage to the wonderful and magic of Australian flora. If you loved our POLLEN candle, this one’s for you! More time in nature has lead us here, to develop this lovely scent of the Australian bushland.

BANKSIA, is the scent to ground you, and bring you home. Blending Victorian grown eucalyptus, with citrus and peppercorn, made with our in-house natural perfume blend. BANKSIA candle also comes as a travel tin.


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