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bon lux

BON LUX Flowerface Mist | Dreamy

BON LUX Flowerface Mist | Dreamy

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Feel like drifting off to dreamy-land? FLOWERFACE Dreamy takes you there. 

Made from REAL flowers, created to soothe the senses and support moods. Lavender, citrus, rose and myrrh essential oils + floral water relax and calm the mind, encouraging deep rest.

How do I use it? Spritz Dreamy on face and skin for hydration, to freshen hair, and on your pillow and sheets to unwind from stress. Keep the glass bottle by the bed or on your desk.

Shake bottle, close eyes and spritz on/around face, hair, pillow. Avoid spraying into eyes, keep away from pets + small children, lasts longer when kept out of direct sunlight.

What’s in it? Lavandula hydrosol, lavandula, citrus x aurantifolia, cymbopogon martinii, commiphora myrrha.

100ml refillable/recyclable printed glass bottle with atomiser.

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