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Koala Eco Terra Botanica Linen Tea Towel

Koala Eco Terra Botanica Linen Tea Towel

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We are so excited to welcome Koala Eco to our little family.

Koala Eco products are vegan, cruelty-free and made from natural native ingredients – making them cool for you + the planet.

Their signature botanical illustration tea towel is made from linen and cotton, for softness and absorbency. The nostalgic hand illustrations, also used across their range, make it instantly, recognisably Koala Eco, and never fail to give immense joy while in use. Nothing can capture the essence and appearance of a plant as well as the human hand and eye. And the time taken to sit with, observe, and honour the detail and beauty of a piece of living nature feels very authentic to the Koala Eco perspective and ethos.Their tea towel brings the Koala Eco aesthetic into another kitchen essential to be used and displayed every day.

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