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Vessel Scent (FKA Happy Society)

VESSEL SCENT (FKA Happy Society) - Lover Space Mist

VESSEL SCENT (FKA Happy Society) - Lover Space Mist

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Intention: Warming, soothing, heart opening.

With its rich and warming scent, Lover has been crafted to envelop you in a sensual, soothing embrace. Vessel's intention behind this scent is to encourage a deep, loving connection, not only for your significant other(s), but also for yourself. Embrace the power of love.

Scent: Cocoa seed, Rose Damask, West Australian Sandalwood, Italian Citrus.

Hand blended in Australia with pure essential oils sustainably sourced locally and worldwide. 

Vessel is formerly known as Happy Society.

TIP: The glass bottle can be refilled with water and 30 - 50 drops of Lover essential oil blend, or your oils of choice.

Directions: Shake bottle and spray on your yoga mat, furniture, bedding, clothing and throughout your home, take a deep breath and relax.

Size: 100ml.

Made in Australia

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